Accessorizing the Bridesmaids.

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bridesmaidsLuckily today’s bridesmaids have a much easier time knowing what to use. Jewelry, flowers, shoes are about all they have to worry about. There are few accessories.Usually the bridesmaids don’t get to choose their dress or the color. This is the bride’s privilege. The bride may also choose the jewelry, as it is the most common gift from the bride to her attendants. Shoes are the other accessories the bride usually chooses.Shoes are always hard to choose. Should they be high heels? Maybe, if you don’t plan on standing or dancing. A better style would be a shoe with a smaller heel, comfortable to stand on, and easy to walk in. Even think about wearing one style shoe for the ceremony, and changing them for a different style to mingle and dance later. A good bridal store will be able to recommend how to accessorize this item, and will have several style heels and pumps to choose from.Jewelry is often given to the bridesmaids as a gift from the bride.

Accessorizing jewelry in this instance is easy…make it simple. Plan not to overpower the bride! Simple pearls or a small gold pendant is a usual gift, something that can be worn again and again in years to come.
Flowers should be simple, because the bride is the one who will be watched. A small posy is usual here, or even a single flower, in keeping with the bride’s floral accessories. Brides may even ask their attendants to carry a prayer book or a basket of petals.If hair accessories are worn, they should be simple, and match the colors chosen by the bride. Occasionally the attendants wear hats; these should compliment the colors of the dresses. If the attendants are wearing different colors, then the hats may match each dress.

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