redwingMen shoes are mostly constructed to withstand the tough working conditions many normally endure and Red Wing brand is an expert in this. This year two thousand and nine, the company will be one hundred and four years having been started in nineteen zero five by a man called Charles H. Beckham. It is based in Red Wing a town in Minnesota and by that time, the company was able to sell each boot from the first collection for two dollars each. Ten years later, the brand was able to radically increase daily footwear construction from just a hundred pairs to over two hundred thousand pairs approximately by nineteen fifteen.By the time of World War I, Red Wing brand was able to dress the feet of US solders boot model No. 16 and that way its reputation grew rampantly. Under the administration of a person named J.R Sweasy as the president, the company survived this suffering time and also World War II and all this time, the shoes were used by military. The working shoes for men were constructed first immediately after the war and by nineteen sixties and seventies, Red Wing shoes had opened branches in Canada, South American, Europe and Mexico.A decade later the company was producing a whopping two million pairs of shoes and over per day and that is how it became king in the production of men boots meant for work.  The pairs are normally categorized as logger, pull-on, motorcycle, hiking and steel toe boots. Steel toe is meant for offering men the protection they require from dropping heavy objects such in construction industries workplaces. Red Wing working shoes for men should not be bought online as per the company policy and therefore can be bought from retail shoes but to read more information men can visit the brand online.

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