lingerieOne proven women lingerie problem has to do with selecting a correct fitting bra and the biggest percentage of women do not know how to do it or are just ignorant. That is exactly the observation one lady made after working in the lingerie fashion aspect for over twenty years and decided to set up SOL store. Cindy Johnson is her name and she partnered with Jeanie Peterson to put up this lingerie store the only one of its kind in Denver that actually majored in bra-fitting business in nineteen ninety seven. She had also realized that despite the fact that the fashion designers were manufacturing really supportive and fitting bras, they were not being sold in key US departmental stores.Apparently, online stores offer exquisite bras but the only problem is that the ladies cannot try them on and instead have to depend on fitting charts offered on the sites and most likely end up selecting the wrong size still. On the contrary, those women who visit the a specialty store like SOL end up purchasing a garment that secure their chest details fine as well as making the wearer comfortable.

On visiting the enterprise official website, ladies are likely to find a store locater to help them identify a store in their vicinity because the SOL has by now expanded around the country.When they visit any of these stores, women find good customer care where they are helped by a professional bra fitter to discover their correct bra size and advised on the brands that stock her variety. Now that fall/winter 2009 will finally be around, women need to know which bras fit better under really heavy jerseys that are actually lace bras with seams to offer the bust an adequate lift so that they do not disappear under the thick layers. There is also something embarrassing about many women bras that allow her nipples to keep showing and as ladies are likely to learn from SOL experts the contour bras can correct that or a Nu bra. The stores also sell sleepwear and offers advice on the same.

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