It apparels that high heel shoe trend is yet to yield to the tests of time since this fall/winter 2009-2010 collections proves just that. In fact some designers like Beverly Feldman decided to put more energy and excitement to the sexy phenomenon these shoes are known to deliver. The artistic gift of this designer is apparently exemplified on each of the high-heeled animal print pair imitating a zebra or leopard skin and sure they do. Some pairs have the print on the entire outer side and purple-like inner lining for zebra and black for the leopard while others feature the skin partly on the toe or heels. The rounded or pointed toe slip on shoe style or some few with a side zipper closure describe this animal print category but a completely red shoe-boot with a with skinny yet stable leopard print heel is truly exotic.


This time round Beverly Feldman autumn/winter 2009-2010 collections colors are mainly black and gold whereas the same animal print is used to boost other pairs as well. Ladies should pay adequate attention to this designer’s creativity because the beauty of each of these shoes design and style is overpowering. Anyone is likely to adore the sheen of the cute metallic gold footwear uppers and particularly one that has a sharp high heel but has stripes of leopard skin, gold and black shiny materials all over. A pair of ankle high black high-heeled boot with a sparkly clear side buckle and toe is one of those desirable and trendy selections for this cold season. For queen appearance, women cannot help it to grab one or two pairs of black high heel Beverly sandals with luxurious pearls used as a front adornment or for entire shoe together with black lace in some. Purple heels and flats are as well featured in Beverly Feldman collection for autumn/winter 2009/2010 to extend the trend of the color and it is looks cute for every feet. There is a host of other high heel shoes; boots and flat pairs as well to take advantage of this cold season and enjoy personal sense of style and to find out ladies should visit the designer online.

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