Men get adequate style from the apparels produced by a devoted brand such as Levi Strauss and Co and this autumn-winter 2009/2010 there is something pleasurable about the Levi jeans. Of course just like many fashion houses have done, the collection reminds wearers of nineteen eighties narrow jeans torn at the knees and perhaps something more vintage. Nevertheless, it is the way these are styled that distinguishes men from the way the wearers looked then and exclusively so the pairs from red lab category. The look of these male models in these slightly form-fitting jeans teamed up with huge mid-calf boots is very luring especially because the trouser is tucked in a little bit.
The other Levi jeans pant with torn knees is paired with simple looking canvas shoes, hoodie and a close fitting t-shirt under it. This looks trendy for an everyday casual style up for an evening of fun or just about any street fun activity like a stroll with friends. The other hot Levi men Jeans for autumn-winter 2009/2010 are included in the Levi engineered jeans line of very baggy yet trendy looking clothes more like the latest Hip-hop style.


They are fastened low such that they sag attractively although this depends on individual perceptions and these are worn together with other printed tops, caps made of wool and other common textiles.
This time round Levi Strauss and Co. seems to be commemorating its good old days during its humble beginnings in nineteen twenties and thirties by providing collections of those days such as T-shirts. The black and white or yellow and black stripes design of these garments was cute and this autumn-winter 2009/2010 revisits that appearance but in almost all cases the tops are paired with jeans of blue or darker shades and boots. Checked and other pattern garments are all over also featuring different colors to enhance each Levi pair of jeans and that is why every man needs to get to the company website for more information on the same.

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