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redwingMen shoes are mostly constructed to withstand the tough working conditions many normally endure and Red Wing brand is an expert in this. This year two thousand and nine, the company will be one hundred and four years having been started in nineteen zero five by a man called Charles H. Beckham. It is based in Red Wing a town in Minnesota and by that time, the company was able to sell each boot from the first collection for two dollars each. Ten years later, the brand was able to radically increase daily footwear construction from just a hundred pairs to over two hundred thousand pairs approximately by nineteen fifteen.By the time of World War I, Red Wing brand was able to dress the feet of US solders boot model No. 16 and that way its reputation grew rampantly. Under the administration of a person named J.R Sweasy as the president, the company survived this suffering time and also World War II and all this time, the shoes were used by military. Continue reading »

It apparels that high heel shoe trend is yet to yield to the tests of time since this fall/winter 2009-2010 collections proves just that. In fact some designers like Beverly Feldman decided to put more energy and excitement to the sexy phenomenon these shoes are known to deliver. The artistic gift of this designer is apparently exemplified on each of the high-heeled animal print pair imitating a zebra or leopard skin and sure they do. Some pairs have the print on the entire outer side and purple-like inner lining for zebra and black for the leopard while others feature the skin partly on the toe or heels. The rounded or pointed toe slip on shoe style or some few with a side zipper closure describe this animal print category but a completely red shoe-boot with a with skinny yet stable leopard print heel is truly exotic.


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Designer Brand Footwear-Anne Klein

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Ladies who take time to discover the benefits of owning a particular designer shoe may not stop wearing Anne Klein shoes. The pairs look gorgeous in any color and they carry simple and trendy designs also way too feminine. They may not be rating very high in the markets but they are just original and have unsurpassed quality ensured by the kind of details included when constructing them. Some women kind of see some old school styling in them but that is just a way of making sure that the footwear has a strong and different theme combined with contemporary details.
The style is much useful for ladies who do not want to invest too much money in designer brand footwear because it is normally low-priced. Beside that, the cost can allow women to own more that just one style of Ann Klein designer shoes. They are the kind of shoes that ladies wear to give an old boring garment an instant boost just like a nice designer belt does or just about any garment that is often skipped in the closet. Their beauty and elegance may be low-toned but they have something that revamps such dull outfits timelessly.

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